Death threats for Sandy Hook Parents

Death threats for Sandy Hook Parents May 3, 2017

Sandy Hook and the obscene treatment of these parents was when I conceived an implacable and undying hatred of the Gun Cult.

No. The Gun Cult is not “those who like guns and enjoy shooting”.

The Gun Cult is every person whose first, last, and only response to all gun violence is “Screw you! Don’t touch my gun!” It reacted to Sandy Hook by attacking the parents of the children slaughtered there.

“That’s just some kooks.” Yes it is. Very influential kooks, like the President’s fave journalist, Alex Jones.

And don’t kid yourself: The NRA has, in fact, given aid and comfort to the whack jobs who claim Sandy Hook was a hoax and the parents of these children are liars who either had their own children murdered in order to persecute gun cultists or who faked their deaths for the same purpose. That the NRA has supported such filth and assisted those who made life hell for these parents exiles them forever from any entitlement to respect in my book. I look forward to the day salt is sown on the ashes of the last NRA office.

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