The Immense Gamble the GOP is Taking…

The Immense Gamble the GOP is Taking… May 24, 2017

…is in leaving a massively incompetent, stupid, and unstable narcissist in command of the mightiest military and national security state in the history of the world and betting that there will not be some really serious crisis not of his own making. The crises this buffoon has already visited on his party and his country have badly shaken a party so corrupt that it is having trouble figuring out that he needs to go.

What happens if something serious occurs, like a major terrorist attack? This incompetent who has not been able to navigate 100 days of relative calm without generating disasters in everything he touches is in no way prepared to suit up when an adult will be needed.

And if he does do something truly catastrophic in response to, say, a terrorist blow against one or more of his Trump properties (nuclear strike, declaring martial law, trying to suspend the Constitution because he thinks he’s Lincoln, any number of other crazy things a crazy incompetent might try when he is, after all, the one who controls all the guns) it may well be too late for these fantastically short-sighted dunderheads to act.

Suppose he issues orders that the military brass refuses to carry out (since they are war crimes)? Suppose some brass obey and others refuse? Suppose our allies abandon us or turn against us if the Krazy simply overwhelms them? Then what?

Suppose he tries arresting perceived political enemies in a moment of high political feeling after a major attack?

If Congress is having trouble figuring out this guy is a menace now, imagine how much more a menace he will be when he is freaking out about “traitors” under stresses ten times greater than the disasters he has stupidly created for himself in the past four months. Does anybody think the numbskulls behind AHCA can suddenly get it together to impeach and expel this guy in a moment of global and national emergency? Practically the only thing working in favor of the country and the world will be his (and his accomplices’) own stupidity and incompetence in enacting the authoritarian desires that ooze from his every word and deed.

People want to believe that change under Trump will be gradual that we can always hit a reset button. Nothing about Trump gives the slightest reason to believe that. He is massively unstable and, under sudden stress, could do any number of crazy, impulsive–and massively destructive–things. The GOP are mad if they don’t take step to oust him now. And history will judge them severely.

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