Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast June 1, 2017

This response from an immoral godless Clinton in defense of the President from a vile and unfunny “joke”:

to Trump’s defense of Ted Nugent’s rant about murdering “subhuman mongrel” Obama and this woman’s mother:

Indeed, he even rewarded Nugent with an invitation to the White House.

Griffin’s vile stunt was inexcusable. It is fitting that she lost her gig at CNN (and, by the way, why does a news network need a comedian anyway?).

But here’s the thing. Within 24 hours, she apologized and has now taken her lumps. The 7X70 rule says, “Let it go. Move on.” But Good Christian Trump defenders reliably reject all that and cling to unforgiveness.

Meanwhile, within 24 hours of suggesting (multiple times) that Hillary should be killed by “second amendment” people, confessing to sexual assault, insulting POWs, mocking a disabled guy with what Ann Coulter called “standard retard” mockery, saying Megyn Kelly was incompetent because she was menstruating, and spitting in the faces of a Gold Star family by insinuating they are traitors, Trump never apologized and his base of cruelty-worshiping thugs rewarded him with adulation and, eventually, election. They still defend everything he says and does to this hour.

Let us be clear here: the issue is not Trump and never has been. Nor is it Clinton.  The issue is the Trump-seduced Christians and the lengths they are willing to go to prostitute themselves and become People of the Lie.

They lie that a man who says he has never seen any reason to ask God for forgiveness is a Baby Christian that the mercy they so eagerly deny somebody who has apologized and asked for mercy must be automatically granted to an impenitent liar and slanderer–so that they can have worldly power.

Here’s how this will play out with the Right Wing Lie Machine and its Christian apostles of mercy and forgiveness:

Griffin is guilty of being tasteless, but her biggest crime was shoveling an extra heaping of coal into the Right Wing Bullshit Furnace, allowing everyone from Paul Ryan on down to the sweatiest men’s rights activists to focus national conversation with atom-level precision on THIS transgression while Trump sets the rest of the world on fire.

The Lie Machine will go full tilt boogie calling this ugly act of stupidity the Crime of the Century, refusing to let it go, and hiding everything the Party of Trump is doing that will have consequences for millions of people for years to come. And they will be aided and abetted by Good Republican Rite Christians who talk a good game about mercy but cling to the repented sins (and even trivial blunders) of their culture war enemies like limpets and never ever let it go.

That’s why they cherish Robert Byrd’s membership in the KKK in the late 40s and refuse to acknowledge his renunciation of it.

The Christianist gospel is that rewards for unrepented sin are mandatory for Republican Rite Christians. But refusal to forgive repented sin is too good for their despised culture war enemies.

This is but part of the corruption that Trumpian Christianity has replaced the gospel with. And the lie at the bottom of it is the Tu Quoque and the Moral Equivalance fallacy. Every time Trump does something vile, the Christianist defender compares it, not with the gospel, but with the imagined worst of his culture war enemy and says “Everybody does it and besides They are worse.”  They never have much to say on behalf of Trump because the man spends almost all his time lying or shocking the conscience.  So they have to shout “No!  Them!” constantly.  Almost all they have to cling to is a couple of puny “prolife” gestures that are supposed to take away the sins of the world.

I say “imagined” because, as this story bears witness, it is a lie that “they” are just as bad. Yeah, Griffin’s stunt was as vile as Nugent’s. And there the comparison ends. She apologized. Nugent did not. Griffin was fired. He was rewarded by the most powerful man in the world. Trump was defended by the daughter of the woman he suggested should be killed. Trump never apologized for that or anything else. Christian defenders of this filth admit no sin and yet hypocritically demand mercy for it, while refusing mercy to somebody who has both apologized and taken lumps for it. And by “mercy” they meant “absolute power”. And for a crowning lie, Christian defenders say “Liberals are worse!” while overlooking their own long history of piously praying for Obama’s death:

Image result for obama psalm 109.8

What this has always been about, for me, is the warning Jesus gives not to fear him who can destroy the body, but to fear him who can destroy both body and soul in hell. The ridiculous claim last year was that Clinton was Diocletian and Trump was Constantine.

Here’s reality: Trump is Mammon and Bacchus and Mars.  Trump is a massively corrupting and seducing influence on the Church, but the responsibility for that lies ultimately with the Christians who have willing made themselves Liars for Jesus on his behalf and agreed to any and every distortion of the gospel in order to prop him up, blind themselves to his lies, cruelty and incompetence, and pursue their dreams of worldly power.  And when people with integrity, like conservative David French point that out and say, as I have been saying for months, that the election is over and it is time to live in the present and stop defending ever lie, cruelty and incompetence this guy commits, he is shouted down by Good Republican Rite Christians who have gone whole hog for the Strong Delusion 2 Thessalonians 2:11 warns about.

This latest distortion of the gospel teaching on mercy and forgiveness is just that, the latest, but not the last.  I see, as yet, no indication of a troubled conscience, much less repentance from the Christian Trump defender.  They are still too drunk on “winning”.  I pray that when they finally realize how much they have been betrayed by the powers and principalities in which they now trust, they will remember the mercy they are so eager to deny their enemies and victims, repent and find the true gospel again.

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