Trump-defending Francis Haters Achieve 12 Dimensional State

Trump-defending Francis Haters Achieve 12 Dimensional State June 1, 2017

…in hypocritical attempt to twist themselves into moral pretzels.  Simcha Fisher observes:

It’s really touching to see how so many Catholics now suddenly accept Amoris Laetitia and are eager to see that Catholics* who never attend Mass, got married in an Episcopal church, live in irregular marriages and have a checkered sexual history shouldn’t be criticized or cast aside, but deserve be treated with gentle compassion and respect, and even admired and held up as an example!

Ain’t it the truth.

And now they are freaking out because vacationing Protestants who don’t know anything about the sartorial obsessions of combox Catholic Reactionaries visit Catholic churches to take in Catholic culture–with bare shoulders! O the humanity!

They could choose to be happy that a Protestant is exploring the Catholic tradition while on vacation instead of, say, visiting a Trump strip club. But instead they choose to freak out and condemn because somebody does not know about the human tradition of a dress code. Especially since the Protestant is Michelle Obama (who is, like her spouse, married to her first and only spouse). They stupidly compare her to Melania meeting the Pope while neglecting to note that Michelle Obama a) dressed according to protocol too when meeting the pope and b) that Michelle Obama was goofing off on vacation and not thinking about diplomatic protocol for a quasi-office she no longer holds.

Given that Melania has bared a lot more than her shoulders in the past, one gets the impression the *real* issue is the color of the shoulders Michelle Obama bared. And, of course, there’s just the willed malice and desire to find any fault possible.

Me: I’m happy that a Protestant is interested in learning about the faith while on vacation and investing the time and energy to go check out a church instead of just laying around reading a trashy novel like most people would do. But then I care about evangelization and not straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

The hypocrisy and malice of the Trump-supporting/Francis-hating Catholic is spectacular.

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