A Dem Prolifer asks…

A Dem Prolifer asks… June 1, 2017

“Will my party accept me?”

Perez and similar draconian ideologues thought that a moment when it is all hands on deck to stop the Party of Trump was an excellent time to tell 25-30% of their base who are allies on virtually every issue but abortion to get lost.

Pelosi, Warren, and others intervened and suggested that it was beyond braindead to drive away natural allies when the Dems are the only thing with a ghost of chance to stop a treasonous crook and and idiot from doing unthinkable damage to the nation and the world.

Apparently, after giving it a lot of thought, the Dem leadership and the super ultra pro-abort fringes have decided they would rather the world burn than that they have to offer even the slightest concessions to the consciences of prolife Democrats.

Meanwhile, prolife Dems keep trying to maintain a consistent life ethic as the most despise people in American public life.

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