Fruitful Discipleship by Sherry Weddell is here

Fruitful Discipleship by Sherry Weddell is here June 22, 2017

Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World has landed at Our Sunday Visitor. Shipping begins today!

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples.” — John 15:8

How does God’s grace change our individual lives, families, neighborhoods, parish communities, and cities? In Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World, Sherry A. Weddell describes how the Holy Spirit is at work in all the baptized—calling and gifting us to “say yes” in ways that will be the longed-for answer to someone else’s prayers and fuel the mission of the whole Church.

God has chosen to be present in this world through the faith and obedience of missionary disciples who witness to Jesus Christ and bear abundant fruit.

In Fruitful Discipleship, Sherry

  • shares what she and her team have learned from helping over 100,000 Catholics of all backgrounds
  • identifies and explains 23 distinct charisms
  • provides wise guidance for discerning and exercising the gifts received in baptism
  • sheds light on the implications of those gifts for both service and leadership within the Church and in mission to the world
  • encourages readers with true stories of parishes, cities and whole dioceses who are experiencing powerful renewal because they are forming intentional disciples who bear much fruit.

Order it here today!

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