Trevor Noah on the Silence of the NRA re: the Cold-Blooded Murder of Philando Castile

Trevor Noah on the Silence of the NRA re: the Cold-Blooded Murder of Philando Castile June 22, 2017

Go to 4:08 mark.

In case it is still unclear, the NRA is silent because the NRA exists to profit from an arms industry that flourishes by telling white people that darkskins like Trayvon Martin are coming to kill them and they have to be armed to the teeth at all times in order to kill them first. Innocent, upstanding darkskins who get killed while obeying the law do not fit the narrative and so the NRA mumbles and prays for some new story to appear in which a white hero guns down somebody in self defense. Philando Castile was absolutely innocent, but the bloody-handed NRA, which insures the slaughter of 33,000 people each year and fights to make sure that not one damn thing ever changes, says nothing about him for one reason only: $$$.

And the “prolife” movement, which is supposed to be about the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, says nothing either because the actual function of the “prolife” movement (except for those who actually believe the teaching of the Church and apply it consistently) is to act as a front for postmodern American conservatism in the Party of Trump and use the unborn as human shields to battle the Church on virtually every aspect of her social teaching except abortion, euthanasia (excluding the death penalty) and a warped and whittled-down version of subsidiarity acceptable to Libertarians. The NRA is sacred to such conservatism, so not a peep is heard either about Castile, nor the NRA from “prolife” organs.

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