Hey Meat Lovers!

Hey Meat Lovers! June 9, 2017

My friend Lauren writes:

Hello fellow food lover,

This is Lauren Sheard, co-owner of Farmstead Meatsmith.  Brandon and I have been following your work for sometime now, and have had the chance to be in touch with you with projects, events and publicity of various kinds over the years.

We are currently launching a new website and membership program for folks to increase their prowess in all things traditional meat harvesting.  If what you see here interests you, would you be open to helping us spread news of this launch? 

First, here’s a sneak peak of our website, membership program and promo video which explains our program.  It will be the first of its kind online:

Farmstead Meatsmith Membership from Farmstead Meatsmith on Vimeo.

I think this is going to be BIG.  The time is right for a community to form, online, with facilitated dialogue on local meat harvesting practices and economies in an organized way.  Using the tools available, we’ve crafted what we think will be informative, inspirational and affordable for folks all over the country as we learn and rediscover together what has been lost.

As thanks for being partners in marketing this program, we’d love to be able to offer you free membership, making your voice a continual one with ours through our forums, chats and Facebook groups (not a few Catholics have already joined).  If your kitchen is in need, we also want to make available for you an antique carbon steel knife, hand-sharpened by Brandon along with a educational knife-sharpening DVD by the 17th Japanese blade smith who Brandon learned his sharpening skills from.  I think you’d like this the best.  (This is not a payment, only a sincere thank you.)

If this partnership interests you, will you please share this launch on your social networks?  Starting today, the registration will be open for ten days (closing on the feast of Corpus Christi).  I can provide the right links to you right away.

A big thank you for reading this  We consider your voice an important one in various communities and are honored to work alongside you redeeming this culture’s fields, families and kitchens.

Peace to you,

Lauren Sheard

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