Please help my friends Jeremy and Angela Lott

Please help my friends Jeremy and Angela Lott June 22, 2017

Angela is pregnant with their little girl Cecilia, who suffers from a rare and fatal condition called exencephaly, in which her brain has no skull protecting it.

The costs of medical care are astronomical ($20K).

Due to the brutalities of our medical system, they have to foot this bill while enduring emotional anguish as well.  So they have started a GoFundMe.  Please do what you can to help them in this painful time.

And (because I know I have to ask this in the heartless world of comboxery), if you are either a cheapskate Libertarian or pro-abortion zealot who feels some need to offer moral commentaries or tell them how to run their lives or label them some sort of burden for their choice to love their daughter and see her baptized, just bite your tongue and pray for them.  Failure to heed this request for common courtesy will be met with ruthless and abrupt banishment.  Consider the possibility that it is you who are the burden on society and not parents who love their little girls.  And pray for a day to come when parents in anguish over their little girl are not forced to busk on the internet in moment of trauma.

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