Please help a woman raise $25,000 for surgery

Please help a woman raise $25,000 for surgery June 12, 2017

Go here to help. She has raised less than a third of what she need in four months.  Less than a third.

I get these pleas all the time from readers trapped in our third world health care system.

It is criminal that this poor woman needs to busk on the internet in order to obtain the health care to which she has a right, but that is how it is in a country in which Christians have divorced the right to life from the right to be born and imagine that the latter cancels the former.  It’s how it is in a country where the people who hate the attempt to make health care accessible to all do not see this woman, but only see a chance to gloat that this attempt was imperfect, sabotage it, and replace it with something that will inflict even more draconian punishments on her.

The Libertarian lie to which she is subjected claims that the Libertarian is somehow being “robbed” of the chance to be generous if the state makes sure that a social safety net guarantees she receives the surgery she needs.  But the same “generous” Libertarian then subjects her to questions about whether her levels of pain “merit” surgery, whether her odd name means she is a New Ager or (gasp) a Muslim who is not worthy of surgery, whether she is jacking up the cost of the surgery in order to scam us all, and whether, in short, she is one of the “deserving” sick.  If she passes all these moral tests in begging for money for desperately needed surgery, then the “generous” Libertarian (if he is lucky enough to have ever heard her plea) then (if the mood strikes him) kicks five bucks into the GoFundMe and congratulates himself for being the Good Samaritan.  Because, for the Libertarian, it’s all about him, his feelings,  his needs, his wants, his desires.  Whether or not this woman actually gets the health care she needs is entirely irrelevant.  The goal is to *feel* generous.  And she damn well better be grateful to him.

These are the moral priorities of the people currently salivating at the thought of kicking 23 million people off health care.  And they are cheered on most loudly by “prolife” Christians for whom life is sacred from conception to birth–unless your mother has “too many children” and is trying to “game the system” by, you know, obeying the Church about not using contraception.  Then she should be forced to beg on the internet too–and be scolded for doing so.

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