Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests July 31, 2017

A reader writes:

Please pray for our daughter. Our situation is not good but I want to and hope to trust that God will bring good out of it. She keeps making bad choices and she ends up being saved from them. Not sure what will happen, but pray in the end God will help her out. Thanks.

Father, hear our prayer that this young woman, whom you have called to eternal joy in Christ, will make a decisive choice to become his intentional disciple and find the happiness she seeks and for whom she was created. Help her turn her mind and heart from earthly things to heavenly things in Christ Jesus. Mother Mary and St. Augustine, pray for her.

Another reader writes from abroad:

Hello and greetings once again to you and yours. First, updates: my father’s operations are done with and seems to be recovering well. As for the bills, the insurance company permitted our case for consideration, and all the expenses were covered.
However, the company I’ve been working for is closing operations around here. I have at most three months to look for a job. I’m trying not to panic: I know things could get much worse and I have plenty to give thanks for. But I do need to find new employment soon as I’m supporting my parents while trying to paying off our house and to help out other coworkers with similar-worse financial difficulties. So I must humbly ask for what prayers you can spare for me and all my colleagues who are about to lose our jobs.
Thank you so much. I continue to pray for you and your family.

P.S. With all the discussions of living wages, and the prospect of losing my job, I recently Googled around, and apparently my monthly salary is around $600. (There’s only two zeros; I’ve checked.) After 7 years I can look forward to a separation pay that amounts to 4-5 months worth of my salary. I’m a college graduate and this is a U.S. company I’ve been working for. I hope I can find a decent job that pays as well.

Father, thank you that her father is doing well and for the provision you have made for his medical bills. Hear our prayer for this person that they and all their co-workers will swiftly find new work at a living wage. Hear our prayer as well that US companies abroad will treat their workers justly. St. Joseph and Mother Mary, pray for them all. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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