Sherry Antonetti writes poignantly of her hometown

Sherry Antonetti writes poignantly of her hometown August 31, 2017

She sez:

Please pray for Jefferson County. Every historical water record has been broken. My home town has not just flooding, but flooding to such an extent (and we’ve flooded at least four times in my lifetime), that the infrastructure of the cities Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange are overwhelmed. Water has been shut off. They are moving patients from hospitals and having to schedule and move patients who use dialysis to other cities because there simply is not water available. My mom is cleaning out her refrigerators and throwing everything out and having to get out with friends but we don’t know where to yet, as the roads going out of Beaumont in virtually every direction, are still under water.

Beaumont is only 118,000 or so people, as opposed to the 6.5 million of Houston and the surrounding area, but it’s huge to me, because I don’t know how much of this will destroy how much of my home town.

It’s an odd source of grief, because I know things and places are merely things and places, and I don’t know how much of it is yet really going to be gone, only that both water sources for Beaumont have failed, and as such, since we don’t know when these facilities will be restored, we don’t know when the beginnings of normal life will return.

Check out her fine blog here!

And go here for ways to help Texas.

Also, don’t forget the flooding in South Asia, with a death toll that dwarfs ours. Click on this link for news and places to donate help.

Father, hear our prayer for every victim of this floods and for all their rescuers and helpers through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, St. Michael, and all guardian angels, please help them!

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