How the Bishops are Responding to the Pardon of Arpaio

How the Bishops are Responding to the Pardon of Arpaio August 31, 2017

is by calling for the pardon of undocumented workers. This seems only fair since they have not, as the monstrously evil Arpaio did, erected concentration camps, tortured and beaten people, arrested innocents detained them, faked assassination attempts, caused the death of infants by neglect, allowed the repeated rape of children, or, well, done anything besides tried to work hard and provide for their families.

Nor have they used images without permission as the monstrous Arpaio did:

Shortly after President Donald Trump pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the controversial law man who was found guilty of criminal contempt of court for defying a federal order, an old photograph began circulating in social media that supposedly linked the sheriff to the local Catholic bishop.

The photograph shows Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted standing alongside of Arpaio, who is Catholic, in the sheriff’s tent city jail. News accounts in 2009 said Olmsted had given Arpaio permission to use the photo in his re-election campaign materials, an allegation the Phoenix diocese denied then — and is denying again.

“In no uncertain terms did Bishop Olmsted ever grant permission for his photograph to be used in Mr. Arpaio’s re-election material,” Robert DeFrancesco, communications director for the Phoenix Diocese told NCR Aug. 29. “Despite these allegations, we are fairly certain this never happened, and if it did, it was something we were completely unaware of and done without Bishop Olmsted’s knowledge or consent.”

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