The Mooch is Out, So is Priebus

The Mooch is Out, So is Priebus August 1, 2017

Donald Trump, whose self-esteem never flags, is tragically surrounded by boobs, incompetents, and schemers who are all to blame for everything that is wrong with his administration (which is nothing, since things are going tremendously well and the lying media and fake news are lying and fake when they note pernicious facts like the departure of Anthony Scaramucci after ten days).  So is the massively sycophantic Reince Priebus, who spaniel-like self abasement could not save him from being offered as a human sacrifice by the Narcissist-in-Chief for whom all other human beings are mere fodder to his ego.  Trump decided, as he sooner or later decides with all in his orbit, that he was expendable and, yet again, turned to the trick of bringing in a Badass Military Dude to create the illusion that a Real Man is in charge (because as the Toddler in Chief of the Free World he know he is no man at all).  Seth Meyers has fun with the latest:

The Mooch and Priebus join a growing list of people Trump has bravely stabbed in the back.  And he won’t be the last because human sacrifice of inferiors (and creditors, and wives) is what the man does in order to avoid responsibility for the fact that he is the problem that he faces.

Wealth and power are fantastic buffers against reality, especially the reality called, “the consequences of your own actions”.  His cult of personality (roughly 33% of the American electorate) love, absolutely love, watching him avoid having to take responsibility or face consequences for his actions.  They love watching him do evil and skate away from it.  They identify with it.  They hope to be like that themselves.  They love watching him scapegoat those weaker than himself, whether it’s Scaramucci (who, to be fair, totally had it coming) or, better still, the poor and the brown and the mentally ill they salivate over punishing.

What they don’t get is that Trump regards them as prey too.  If the day arrives when Trump decides that burning his base at the stake will save his selfish skin he won’t think twice about inflicting a scorched earth policy against them.  All his life, Trump has made clear that he betrays everybody who trusts him. And so the people cheering for him will find that he will blithely kill their health care and, thereby, kill the people they love if the fit of pique takes him.

This White House should be razed to the ground and replaced with a giant glass jar with holes poked in the lid.  At least then we can watch the occupants eat one another alive.

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