GOP Lucy and Prolife Charlie Brown

GOP Lucy and Prolife Charlie Brown September 29, 2017

Nine million kids–a population larger than NYC–lose their CHIP health insurance tomorrow thanks to GOP cruelty and negligence–and the *avid* support of “prolife” Christians.

In return for that passionate “prolife” support for cruelty and neglect of poor kids, the GOP will keep funding Planned Parenthood in its new tax package.

But Mexico City! Yeah. Personally, I want more than a participation trophy for supporting policies guaranteed to increase demand for abortion.

When the same strategies keep losing for thirty years, sensible people ask, “What else can we try?” People locked into ideology just keeping doing the same things.

I think it’s time to give up letting ourselves be used by a party that exploits the unborn as human shields for their own very active culture of death. Why not implement all of Catholic teaching on human life, not just the bit the GOP uses as cover for spitting in the faces of nine millions poor kids?

I recommend the American Solidarity Party. Why not have a Consistent Life Ethic instead of an inconsistent death ethic? Why not be more prolife and not less?

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