Christianity is for Cucks

Christianity is for Cucks October 26, 2017

Matthew Schmitz speaks the truth here.

Like Fr. Martin’s Christ, Waugh’s hero learns from a wise woman. He sees that Christianity is not a matter of blood, or of race, or of victory in this world. It requires accepting defeat in this life before promising triumph in the next. A Catholic cannot be certain that his line will continue or his country thrive. He only knows that the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s Church. This is why Waugh could happily entertain the idea that black men would bear forth a faith and culture abandoned by whites. Perhaps it will not happen, but no Christian would mind if it did.

Christianity has always begun with nature (Maker and Manufacturer: God the Blessed Trinity) and then insisted that the same God who is the Maker of Nature is the supernatural Redeemer who breaks into the nature that He created with all manner of supernatural divine Grace.  That Grace might do anything from multiply loaves and fishes to become incarnate in Jesus and raise that same Jesus from the dead.  It can knock Pharisees off horses and make them into apostles.  It can convert playboy Manichees into St. Augustine of Hippo.  It can take a post-abortive Commie sympathizer and make her Servant of God Dorothy Day.  It can bust into an Empire of Blood and Iron like the Soviet Union and bring it to its knees without a shot being fired.

Still and all, it’s Grace, not magic.  God respects our freedom.  So we can screw things up and we take forever to get things through our skulls sometimes.  One of the things we often screw up is the notion that since God blesses nature, we should be nature worshippers.  This is the root and source of paganism and one of the most toxic forms of paganism is the worship of race and blood.

It comes from a perfectly good thing–love of family–that is then bloated and expanded to become the only thing that matters. Then, the worship of blood and race becomes the weapon to attack the rest of the Church’s tradition, including the Greatest Commandment (You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength) and the Second Greatest Commandment (You shall love your neighbor as yourself).

Alt Right worshippers of blood and race have made an idol of whiteness. As though your skin is a culture and, worse, as though your skin is a god. They subordinate the God of the universe to a mere prop authorizing the skin idolator to fall down in worship of his race and, accordingly, to excuse the oppression and destruction of those he deems inferior to his Master Race.

The contempt of the Alt Right for “Cuck Christianity” relies on a narrative that confirms what I have come to call “Herreid’s Law”. My friend John Herreid observed some time ago that when people bedeck their Facebook page with pictures of knights, crusaders, or paladins, they tend to be kooks. The Alt Right Christian invariably does this, and their race kookiness is manifest. They only value the Christian tradition for giving them an iconography of white people killing brown ones. But of course, the Faith (and especially the Catholic faith) is chockablock with brown people–and brown saints.

Not surprising really since her Lord was brown–a standard Middle Eastern Jew of the first century. Somebody who would have been on one of Steve Bannon’s travel bans and deemed a danger by the Race Theorist of the Alt Right. Happily for us northern European stock, he put no stock in Alt Right racist crap and declared membership in his Body, the Church, open to anybody–even white supremacists idiots if they would only repent their white supremacist idiocy and confess that in Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, black nor white. That’s a tall order for some of these idiots. But repentance and salvation is open to anyone, even members of the Alt Right.

But fury and eternal damnation is also a real possibility too. Because it turns out that “Cuck Christianity” (which is to say, the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church” is not all that wussy, liberal and spineless. It still warns of the everlasting fires of hell for those who spit on the offer of salvation Christ holds out to them in the hands *they* wounded with their sins. If the Alt Right racist will not reject his pride and accept the mercy of Christ, he will find mercy nowhere else, least of all in his racist ideology.

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