A 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy…

A 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy… October 26, 2017

faces deportation for the crime of needing hospital care according to the super-duper prolife Trump Administration.

The administration is backed by the court prophets of both Crisis and Liesite News who, using the unborn as human shields, reject the Church’s teaching that human life and dignity are to be protected from conception to natural death and instead declare that acceptance of the Church’s whole teaching is, absurdly, a “poison pill” aimed at attacking the unborn.

So we live in an hour when “prolife” Christians will either remain silent while a 10 year old girl in need of hospital care is arrested and deported or, worse still, they will spring to the defense of this vile policy with their obscene “sick little girls with CP were made for the law, not the law for sick little girls” lies. That is what “prolife” Christian Trump supporters now stand for.

Meanwhile, let all the “bad”, “fake”, “CINO” Catholics who listen to the Pope and refuse to fall down in adoration of the President who means to kick this little girl out in his righteousness call our representatives and demand, for the love of God, that this evil thing not be done.

Then, instead of spending one more second supporting a “prolife” movement prostituted to the lie that spitting in the face of a sick little girl with CP is “prolife”, let’s support the American Solidarity Party, which does not demand we choose between opposing abortion and opposing this disgusting sin against an innocent girl in need of medical care.

And let us also stop reading the lies of such propaganda organs as Liesite News and Crisis.

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