Fr. Hugh Barbour seek our help…

Fr. Hugh Barbour seek our help… November 28, 2017

…to save refugees:

The war and conflict in Syria have left thousands of people destitute and in need of basic necessities.  We continue to work in the region with bishops, sisters, and social workers on the ground to provide emergency relief and pastoral help for displaced and refugee families.

Our donors’ kindness continues to provide food packages for 1,500 refugee families –packages that include milk, lentils, sugar, tea, rice, cooking oil, canned goods and other essentials.

Can we count on your support? This Giving Tuesday, can you help a family in need?

It costs approximately $215 per month to provide a refugee family with basic needs such as shelter, water, food, medicine, clothing, blankets, heating fuel, electricity, and hygiene items.

Your kind gift will help these families enormously.  Your donation of the heart matters – whatever the amount you are able to give.

Thanks to you, displaced Christians in Syria will receive the help they desperately need and their lives will be a little bit brighter — all because of what you do this Giving Tuesday.

A blessed and joyous Christmas Season to you and your loved ones.

You guys are amazingly generous.  Please help if you can!

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