People of the Lie, Part Deux

People of the Lie, Part Deux November 30, 2017

A few weeks ago, the Federalist ran an incredible piece by the Lutheran Satire guy which was, alas, not satire.  In it, he tried to argue that the slaughter in Sutherland was an awesome answer to the prayers of the victims and that anybody appalled and outraged by that slaughter loved government and not God.

One could hardly have asked for a more chemically pure expression of Christianism: the false gospel that cloaks the right wing culture of death in Christian imagery to battle for such things as (in that case) arms industry profits over human life.

Yet, not to be outdone, the Federalist again publishes an article oozing great slimy lies to the effect that you should support a child molester (excuse me, “morally questionable” person) like Roy Moore because God can use such people.

What is the urgent thing that Christianists need him for?  Well, given that Planned Parenthood is already fully funded, the Party of Trump can’t really sell the “We’ll be magicking abortion away Real Soon Now” lie, so we have to just face the fact that Moore is important to help fund the Tax Budget Only a Child Molester Could Love.

It is, in essence, the greatest act of theft in American history, robbing the poor and the middle class to engorge the rich, according to the communists at Fortune.

That is what Christianists are now reduced to fighting for: class warfare by the rich against the poor.  But then, Christianism is about nothing other than the idols of money, pleasure, power, and honor (and blood and soil in their Alt Right manifestations).

What’s always amazing to me is that these liars never seem to realize that their argument always proves too much.  If we are to support evil people because “God can still use them” then it follows that we can support anybody for anything since God can use them.  God used Judas Iscariot.  Let’s canonize him!  God used Hitler to help rebuild the US economy!

Strangely, the people who say this never say that we should have all voted for Hillary Clinton since God could have used her.  It is only when they want to support their sex predator and child molester that they tell this lie that comes down to “Let us do evil that good may come of it.”

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