Christians vs. Christianists on Healing the Sick

Christians vs. Christianists on Healing the Sick December 14, 2017

Christians believe that it is our duty to heal the sick.

Christianists, after lying for years about liberals wanting “death panels” now cheer as a capitalist insurance death panel tells a 15 year old girl “toughe because the Almighty Market has decided to ignore her for being too expensive. If she has a seizure while swimming or in the shower or doing some other normal human activity that become deadly if she loses control of her body and dies, too bad.  Poor people should think of that before they develop brain lesions. Because with Christianists, accusation is always a form of confession.

Christians listen to the Church when she says that health care is a right because life is a right and that since life is a right health care pertains to what is owed.  And since what is owed is a matter of justice, the state therefore has the right and duty to guarantee health care since the state is responsible for justice.

Christianism, being a diabolical parody of the gospel, tells people that health care is a privilege of the rich and those who can afford it and if their 15 year old girl be like to die she had better do it and help decrease the surplus population.  Christianists also lie that state-guaranteed health care robs them of the chance to be “charitable” and that it is better to force the parents of this girl to busk on the internet so that the Christianist can narcissistically feel “generous” by giving five bucks to a GoFundMe (unless he deems the girl a parasite worthy of death, in which case he gives nothing).

Bottom line, the Christian cares that the girl get the treatment she needs and gets well.  The Christianist cares that he gets the credit for the five bucks in “charity” and could not care less if the girl lives or dies. Indeed, he enjoys the feeling of having the power of life and death over the weak and poor–especially the power of death.

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