Christianist Roy Moore Conspiracy Theorists

Christianist Roy Moore Conspiracy Theorists December 7, 2017

Christianism is a political cult centered on the worship of Donald Trump and his party of thieves and liars.  It functions by using the forms and imagery of Christianity while in fact making war on the Faith.  Paul calls it “having a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Timothy 3:5).  So it has no problem telling lies and only cares about lies insofar as they work, not insofar as they are lies.  Consequently, it has no problem with Trump and Moore calling their victims liars, just so long as those lies succeed in winning power.  It cries out constantly of Trump and Moore that they are “innocent till proven guilty” as though elections are jury trials.

The people making excuses need to face the fact that this is not a jury trial but an election and the evidence is overwhelming that this child molester is not fit for office just as the evidence was clear that Trump is a self-confessed sex predator and he uses the power of his office to re-victimize his prey by labeling them all liars.

The Christianist liars calling his victims liars never stop to ask if *they* are innocent till proven guilty, because they have not the slightest interest in the evidence, only in power. That is why they so easily put forward the conspiratorial question “Why now?” about Moore–and only Roy Moore.  Those asking “Why now” do so in order to avoid actually looking at the mountain of evidence against this child molester.  But they never ask “why now?” about Weinstein, Louis CK, Franken, Keillor, Spacey, etc.–just Moore.

The answer to the question is not some stupid George Soros conspiracy theory (and have you noticed how frequently Moore likes to gin up his base of wahoos with charges that the Cosmopolitan Jew is trying to stop the White Christian Knight from saving the Republic?).

It’s #metoo. Sexual abuse reached a tipping point in our culture and it’s about damn time. And incredibly, instead of being on the side of the victims as Christians ought to be, Christianists side with this visible from space child molester as they sided with the Sex Predator in Chief.  Indeed, Christianists demonstrate the biblical principle “To the impure, all things are impure” by actually saying things like this:

I had another thought… maybe a bit of a conspiracy… maybe these accusations that are coming out against all these men are true. Maybe they’ve been known for a long time and swept under the rug, for a rainy day. Maybe the flood gates are opening and will envelop many men from both parties. Maybe this is a plot that will eventually make it’s way back to President Trump and previous accusations against him for inappropriate behavior. If enough men resign before the President and some woman or women insist that he did something, could they force him to resign from office? I could see leftist democrats or republicans that hate Trump orchestrating something like this.


It is all strategic. Although the left has the high ground here. Next few election cycles – they get a lot more votes because they sacrificed a few. And because both sides would do anything for power.


Meh. The virtuous Dems would have sung a different tune if Minnesota had a Republican governor. Meanwhile *lots* of conservative voters, leaders, and opinion-makers are criticizing Moore and the mainstream party members support in him. This is before we consider the merits of the allegations against Moore.

Oh, and virtue-signaling on the expendable Franken lets Dems keep up the Moore attack. That’s a seat that really matters.


Don’t get me wrong. Sexual harassment needs to go. They didn’t do it for Clinton. Right now It’s all setting up for the big one. Next challenge on sexual issues will be Trump. And they’ll demand it since they’ve sacrificed some of their own.

The spectacle of Christianists cynically projecting “strategy” on to the Dems doing the right thing in demanding Franken’s resignation while they themselves do the evil thing in defending Moore’s lies and assaults on his victims says everything about the rotten corruption of Christianism. For Christianists, accusation is always a form of confession. All that the analysis above (from an extremely typical clutch of Chrisianists) tells us about is how Christianists, not Dems, think. Their logic is, “Sincerity. If we can fake that, we’ll have it made.” They assume of their culture war enemies the cynicism and lies they themselves live by. And what does not, for one second, figure into their extremely typical calculations are the only people who actually matter in this: the victims of the sex predators and child molesters they eagerly support.

We now live in a time when Hollywood and the Democrats, for crying out loud, have more moral integrity than conservative Christianists.

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