Rebecca Hamilton Brings the Truth

Rebecca Hamilton Brings the Truth November 21, 2017


Euthanasia is medical murder. It is also, in an increasing number of locations around the globe, legalized murder.

In the midst of the debate about whether or not it should be legal for your doctor to kill you, including murdering you without your knowledge or permission, we have the do-it-yourself death pushers.

Dr Philip Nitschke of Australia is now marketing what amounts to a suicide package which consists of a killing machine that converts to a coffin. Just in case there are family members or friends who feel like killing themselves, too, the main device is re-usable.

While conservative Christians sputter out and destroy their witness for Christ by whoring for the Republican Party, evil continues its march. I read stories like this one about the new euthanasia device, and I know without doubt that Christians who barter their fealty to Christ in the marketplace of politics are selling their prophetic voice for a bowl of political porridge and that this will render them worse-than-useless in the fight against evil.

We desperately need Christian leaders who use their moral and prophetic voice to speak against evil, who exercise true moral leadership in these times. We do not need them to practice political pragmatism and ruthlessness, leading us to accept more and worse sinful behavior as right, so long as it’s practiced by politicians who are on “our” team.

It is not a matter of whether or not these leaders have sold out their faith and their followers for political influence. The answer to that is an  obvious “yes” to anyone who observes them and listens to them.

Their “team” is not Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Their “team” is certainly not Christ and Him crucified. Their “team” is their little g god. It is the political power base they tend and serve.

Dr Nitschke is working for the devil with his euthanasia promoting actions. There are some Christian “religious” leaders who have come along to support euthanasia alongside him. They, like their fellow-travelers on the right side of the political spectrum, are following little g gods instead of the real God.

We are faced with the spectacle of religious leaders of the left who justify abortion and euthanasia, and religious leaders of the right who justify rape, sexual assault, misogyny, discrimination, racism, economic corruption, adultery, pedophilia, pornography and constant lying. There is a continuous back and forth in which these leaders try to justify themselves by pointing the finger at one-another’s sins. Then, to add a cherry on top, they justify “their” team’s fallen politicians by pointing the finger at the other team’s fallen politicians.

But fallen religious leaders of the left do not justify fallen religious leaders of the right, and fallen politicians of the right and left do not justify one another. Evil does not justify evil. Sin does not justify sin.

Religious leaders who have sold themselves to the politics of the right or left are both charlatans. They are not acting as religious leaders. They are political operatives.

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