Evil Marches on While Religious Leaders Play Politics

Evil Marches on While Religious Leaders Play Politics November 20, 2017

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by martin https://www.flickr.com/photos/x1klima/
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by martin https://www.flickr.com/photos/x1klima/

Euthanasia is medical murder. It is also, in an increasing number of locations around the globe, legalized murder.

In the midst of the debate about whether or not it should be legal for your doctor to kill you, including murdering you without your knowledge or permission, we have the do-it-yourself death pushers.

Dr Philip Nitschke of Australia is now marketing what amounts to a suicide package which consists of a killing machine that converts to a coffin. Just in case there are family members or friends who feel like killing themselves, too, the main device is re-usable.

While conservative Christians sputter out and destroy their witness for Christ by whoring for the Republican Party, evil continues its march. I read stories like this one about the new euthanasia device, and I know without doubt that Christians who barter their fealty to Christ in the marketplace of politics are selling their prophetic voice for a bowl of political porridge and that this will render them worse-than-useless in the fight against evil.

We desperately need Christian leaders who use their moral and prophetic voice to speak against evil, who exercise true moral leadership in these times. We do not need them to practice political pragmatism and ruthlessness, leading us to accept more and worse sinful behavior as right, so long as it’s practiced by politicians who are on “our” team.

It is not a matter of whether or not these leaders have sold out their faith and their followers for political influence. The answer to that is an  obvious “yes” to anyone who observes them and listens to them.

Their “team” is not Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Their “team” is certainly not Christ and Him crucified. Their “team” is their little g god. It is the political power base they tend and serve.

Dr Nitschke is working for the devil with his euthanasia promoting actions. There are some Christian “religious” leaders who have come along to support euthanasia alongside him. They, like their fellow-travelers on the right side of the political spectrum, are following little g gods instead of the real God.

We are faced with the spectacle of religious leaders of the left who justify abortion and euthanasia, and religious leaders of the right who justify rape, sexual assault, misogyny, discrimination, racism, economic corruption, adultery, pedophilia, pornography and constant lying. There is a continuous back and forth in which these leaders try to justify themselves by pointing the finger at one-another’s sins. Then, to add a cherry on top, they justify “their” team’s fallen politicians by pointing the finger at the other team’s fallen politicians.

But fallen religious leaders of the left do not justify fallen religious leaders of the right, and fallen politicians of the right and left do not justify one another. Evil does not justify evil. Sin does not justify sin.

Religious leaders who have sold themselves to the politics of the right or left are both charlatans. They are not acting as religious leaders. They are political operatives.

When our religious leaders entered the political fray, they abandoned their anointing. Political leadership can be its own mission field. It can and does have its own anointing. But it is distinctly different from religious leadership.

Abortion does not justify rape and sexual assault. Rape and sexual assault do not justify abortion. Cost and failures in our medical system do not justify euthanasia.

And politics never justifies anything. There is no sin — no sin of any sort — that can be justified or redeemed by political expedience.

Politicians, and by that I mean duly elected officials who are working toward the common good, must, as a matter of the reality of public debate, practice compromise. They must snip and expand legislation in places that is not their ideal in order to satisfy the requirements of other duly elected officials who are representing their constituencies.

If this is done honestly and with the intent to create just law that will promote the common good, it results in workable laws that are accepted throughout the broader populace. It is a good that leads to the common good.

But this sort of compromise, this working to find workable solutions that fit everyone, is a far cry from abandoning all principles of morality and faith to blindly pander to a political party in order to create a silo of raw, corrupt power.

What passes for politics in today’s climate is just crude jockeying for power and profit for the few by defrauding and betraying the trust of the many. And that is what our religious leaders have become operatives for. It is what they have sold Calvary for.

The political arena is no place for a religious leader. They need to stand apart from it and look at it, always, from the outside. Their job — which they have abandoned — is to be the moral voice that forces all people of every political persuasion to remember that all human beings are made in the Likeness and Image of God and that it is always wrong to batter, degrade, rape, haze, cheat, harm or kill them.

Just laws work for the common good, not merely the good of the powerful few. Good politicians never forget that a just and stable government is always the greater good.

True religious leaders are not leaders at all. They are followers. They lead by following Christ, and by doing this, they lead the whole world to Christ.

When religious leaders become charlatans who act on behalf of political power bases, they are not religious leaders. They are political operatives.

They are salt without savor, and they will be cast away. Worse, they teach their followers to become salt without savor, too. Instead of being the Light of the World, both they and their followers become acolytes of the darkness.

From BioEdge:

Australia’s best-known euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke, is back in the news with another machine for committing suicide, the Sarco capsule.

The machine will allow anyone who has the access key to end their life by simply pressing a button. Developed in the Netherlands by Nitschke and an engineer, the machine can be 3D printed and assembled in any location. Access to the Sarco capsule will be by an on-line mental questionnaire which will provide a four-digit access code.

When the person lies in the capsule, he can activate it and liquid nitrogen will rapidly drop the oxygen level, leading to death a few minutes.

The novel feature is that the capsule can be detached from the Sarco machine and used as a sleek and shiny coffin. The machine base can be re-used.

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8 responses to “Evil Marches on While Religious Leaders Play Politics”

  1. Good religions build and maintain mental asylums. When religion is pushed out of health care, the asylums soon are left with not enough funding to take care of the patients, and eventually, the liberals complaining about the treatment of the patients join with the anti-government anti-tax people and get them shut down.

    That’s what happened in the United States in the 1980s, and at least half of our current homeless population is due to people who would be better served by an institution run by the Church for the curing of spiritual illness, being forced out on the streets.

  2. Euthanasia is as horrible as abortion. So far it’s been mostly defeated in the US but I am not optimistic. How low can society go? It keeps going lower and lower. Good to see you posting again Rebecca. Praying for your health.

  3. Thank you Manny. I agree with you about this. I think the only way to change the trajectory of our society is to live fully as Christians ourselves and work with all our hearts to bring others to Him.

  4. I disagree that religion should be in charge, Our country has the government and religion separated for good reason. The results of religion running countries can be seen in many countries over the world—the Middle East for one—-where non-conforming can be a reason to be arrested.