Is Your Family Physician the New Doctor Death?

Is Your Family Physician the New Doctor Death? October 24, 2018

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Do you really want to go to a doctor who can kill you and get away with it?

Think, just for a teeny-tiny moment, what that means, or at least what it has come to mean in jurisdictions where euthanasia has been legalized for a few decades.

What has happened is what always happens. People kept on pushing. If euthanasia with informed consent and only for the terminally ill was a good thing, then euthanasia of the merely sick, or maybe just the depressed or those who’ve decided they’ve lived long enough would be ok. And if that is ok, what about doctors lifting the burden off people by making the decision for them? What about the useless eaters? You know, those folks with dementia, or maybe Down’s syndrome, autism, or blindness? What about children? Should they be deprived of the right to be murdered just because they’re too young to give legal consent?

It’s become a race of sorts, to see how many categories of people we can “save” from suffering by killing them.

That’s how things go. People will always keep pushing. Evil is never satisfied. And serial killers, however they disguise themselves, have an insatiable and ever-expanding urge to kill.

So what happens when we make serial medical murder legal and give a whole class of people, due entirely to their medical certification which is granted by the government, the right to kill?

They use that right.

At first, it may bug them a bit, but people, including doctors, can quickly grow accustomed to killing, and, before long, they start to like it. When killing becomes a legal business with suicide centers and come-and-don’t-go dying plans, we’ve not just legalized murder, we’ve commercialized, packaged and are selling it.

This isn’t killing like abortion where we never see the victim and, to those who’ve never been pregnant or borne a child, the unborn baby is largely a hypothetical. There is no pretending that what you’re killing is a lump of tissue or that, in some miraculous way, the act of killing is a big rewind that undoes their existence.

These are people standing right in front of us, talking to us, eating, sleeping and living. They aren’t screaming in pain and they aren’t without hope. Many of them have years of life left to live. Killing them is murder without disguise, killing without charade.

They are people that we could support, care for and help through their life problems, including the universal life problem of exiting this life. Killing them isn’t merciful. It’s the easy way out for us. It frees us from all the burdens, including the economic burdens, of caring for people when they are weak and need help.

That is why we have the kaleidoscope of names for the thing. Its promoters are searching to find something to call it that will dress it up, put lipstick on it, and let them take it out and show it off.  We’ve all witnessed the parade of euphemisms: Death with dignity, mercy killing, assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide, or, the latest attempt to find an innocuous descriptor, “medical aid in dying.”

The goal is to make legalized medical murder seem beneficial to the people who are being murdered, like a big, fat, humanitarian goody-bag that their doctor hands them for being wonderful little patients. They for sure and for certain don’t want it to sound like what it is, which is cold-blooded murder by clinicians who have become executioners of the innocent.

The American Academy of Family Physicians, which is your friendly go-to, primary care doc, has voted to drop its opposition to the trendy practice of doctors murdering their patients. They’ve also picked up the latest in euthanasia language, referring to it as medical aid in dying. The cherry on top is that they plan to lobby the AMA to make similar changes.

The family medicine docs made this decision to drop their opposition to euthanasia without consulting me. I’ll bet they didn’t consult you, either. I’ll go a step further and guess that the next time you go into your primary care doc’s office and start filling out page after page of pre-appointment forms, you won’t see a sign hanging on the wall saying, “This is now a murder for hire clinic. Ask doctor about setting up your appointment.”

Nope. They’ll keep that part under wraps. But if euthanasia becomes the norm, it will be there, unspoken, but very, very real, just the same. If your doctor no longer thinks it’s wrong to advocate for the legal right to kill you, how long do you think it will be before they use that right if they get it?

Do you really want to go to a doctor who can kill you and get away with it? Do you really trust those white coats that much?


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