Prayer request and praise report

Prayer request and praise report December 28, 2017

A reader writes:

I’ve being feeling defeated by my faults lately – so I guess I’m asking for prayers that I may grow in hope.

Peace and blessings (and Merry Christmas).

Father, hear our prayer that this child of yours be enable to receive the grace that you intend for us sinners, remembering that it does not depend on his worthiness, but on your love for him that nothing can stop. Give him the grace to accept the mercy you delight to give him through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for him that he receive the grace and virtue of hope.

Another reader writes

Thank you so much for posting my prayer request!! Mama seems to be recovering well. People seem to have things together so well while I can barely keep track of my own meds. I feel really overwhelmed sometimes. I’m really aware of how I can’t be in different places in different times or do several things at once. I wish I could bilocate 🙂

But we all are alright so far and we are so very grateful.
Thank you once again for all your prayers!!! You and your family are in mine.

Thanks, you guys, for praying for her and her loved ones. Your prayers are so important and have eternal fruits. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayer.

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