Stephen Binz has a cool bunch of Bible Studies available

Stephen Binz has a cool bunch of Bible Studies available January 16, 2018

Check them out here.

Discipleship is a call to go inward, to experience an ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ, and a call to go outward, to witness the good news to others. The church is missionary by its very nature, bearing witness to the kingdom of God and carrying on the mission of Jesus. A church that always looks inwardly, to its own internal issues and struggles, is a church that has forsaken its missionary vocation. Explore how the call to evangelization is at the heart of Scripture—in ancient Israel, the life of Jesus, and the apostolic church—and how disciples are called to be missionary witnesses of the gospel, living the gospel with joy and hope for the sake of the world.

The very best thing we can do as Catholics is learn how to be disciples of Jesus Christ, particularly in an era where so many alien voices labor to make sure that neutrality is impossible.  If you will not be Jesus’ disciple it is absolutely certain you will not be “your own man” either.  Be Christ’s disciple or you shall most assuredly be another man’s slave.  And the more certain you are you are not, the more assured it is that you are–and that man’s fool besides.

Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. – St. Jerome

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