Catholic Bishops Should Stick to Talking about Faith and Morals

Catholic Bishops Should Stick to Talking about Faith and Morals June 15, 2018

…says every politicized enemy of the Faith everytime the Church gores his ox. It used to be Lefties at war with the Church on the Pelvic Issues. Now it’s Catholics in love with the Freak Show Party of Trump and convinced that wearing a Precious Feet pin taketh away the sins of the world. So this move by the American bishops will be a challenge to them.

Catholic leader calls separating mothers and children at border ‘immoral’

The president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops criticized President Donald Trump’s administration over immigration policy on Wednesday, declaring that separating mothers and children at the US border is “immoral.”

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the president of the organization, said in a statement, “Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together. While protecting our borders is important, we can and must do better as a government, and as a society, to find other ways to ensure that safety. Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is immoral.”


Later Wednesday, Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, released a statement calling for an end to the “harmful and unjust policy,” saying in part, “As a Catholic bishop, I support political and legal authority. I have always taught respect for the civil law and will continue to do so. But, I cannot be silent when our country’s immigration policy destroys families, traumatizes parents, and terrorizes children.”

Low-information Trump supporters will parrot the lie that “Obama started it.”

No. Obama did not institute the policy of vindictively tearing toddlers away from their parents arms at the border, taking them God knows where, and caging them. This is a cruelty deliberately instituted by the Trump Administration to delight the black hearts of Christianists who serve the devil with their love of sadism to the weak and brown. Characteristically, Trump instituted this spiteful, vindictive policy and then tried to lie that his political enemies created it.

In fact, Obama warehoused unaccompanied minors and then put them in foster homes. This new policy of the Trump Administration is a new level is state-sponsored sadism to the weak. And its most passionate supporters are (as you just knew they would be) white conservative Christianists who strongly identify as “prolife” in their ongoing war on the gospel.

Evangelicals, of course, cannot be expected to care what the bishops of the Catholic Church say. (Though, amazingly, even the passionately pro-Trump Franklin Graham has criticized this policy.) But the Greatest Catholics of All Time are supposed to care. So it will be interesting to see if they will listen to Holy Church or the Trump Administration when it commands them to behave like a mob of racist orcs and attack the bishops for speaking God’s truth about this crime against humanity.

Some will say that a mob of racist orcs have been attacking the Catholic Church in this country since its founding.

That’s true, of course. Good white Christian Protestants have a long tradition of No Popery and Know Nothingism and KKK and No Irish and No Eyetalian nonsense going back centuries here in the US.

But that’s the thing: In the past, the mob of racist orcs at war with the Church were outside the Church, not people who considered themselves greater Catholics than the Pope.

Today, the loudest enemies of the Holy Father and of this move by the bishops will not be Klansmen, but the readers of the National Catholic Register, the viewers of Raymond Arroyo and his endlessly Francis-bashing “Papal Posse”, the readers of The Stream and, of course, the denizens of CRISIS!!!!!!

It is not demagogues like Jack Chick, but demagogues like John Zmirak who look at innocent DACA kids who have only known this country as their home since childhood and heartlessly declare “Amnesty Equals Abortion“.

It is not secular eugenicists, but Austin Ruse who wastes his time passionately defending Trump’s invitation of the head of the Austrian Freedom Party (founded by an actual Nazi) to his inauguration.

It is not the Know Nothings, but Righteous Super Catholics who fill comboxes with remarks like “That’s what criminals get” in defense of this evil policy of kidnapping and caging children.

Super Duper Better Than Francis Catholics, not some imaginary League of Protestants Against the Great Whore of Rome, will be the biggest obstacles to the Church’s efforts to stand with the Least of These in this dark and shameful hour in American history.

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