Echoes of a Previous Panic du Jour

Echoes of a Previous Panic du Jour July 26, 2018

About a month and a half ago, a reader wrote me, but I’ve only had a chance to plow through my mail this week.  He’s a good egg and he wrote:

As I’ve mentioned to you before I really do see Pope Francis as a spiritual father, and I see what he’s doing from a missionary perspective, that’s why I’m very careful never to say anything bad against him, because people’s faith in the Church is so shaken that I see what he’s up to as a spiritual Trojan horse, he gets behind people’s walls, and then God can work.


But what about when I legitimately disagree with him. We can all be glad that I’m not the Pope, so I understand how important obedience is in the spiritual life, but take his current support of the inner communion that the German bishops are proposing.

This has all been resolved since you wrote. The key is to be leery when the media reports on the inner workings of the Church–and to be especially leery when conservative Catholic outlets are predicting that the sky is about to fall.

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