When Children at the Border are Drinking Toilet Water…

When Children at the Border are Drinking Toilet Water… August 2, 2018

and being sexually abused by their captors, the Christian makes war on this in the name of Jesus Christ with the weapons of the Spirit: prayer, fasting, and such works of mercy and justice as he has at his or her disposal to rescue them from this satanic system, because human life is sacred from conception to natural death.

The Christianist diabolist, a worshipper of a dimestore antichrist and an enemy of human life, savors the cruelty and wags his finger at the child’s parents for not Obeying the Rules.

He then looks at the term “pro-life” and spits on it, rather than commit himself to the proposition that these children should be defended from sexual abuse or not forced to drink toilet water.  He just wants to be anti-abortion, thank you.  It waters down his supposed to “commitment” to the unborn to have to care about these worthless kids too.  It also waters down his commitment to the unborn to have to care about their siblings being spontaneously aborted due to the neglect of their child-raping captors.

In other news, Christianists call for the excision of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats from Scripture altogether and claim that it is a liberal attempt to water down Scripture.

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