A reader ponders Trump’s policy of child abuse and torture at the border

A reader ponders Trump’s policy of child abuse and torture at the border September 3, 2018

She writes from Canada:

Attached are three stories from the CBC that you will probably find interesting.

My question is: I don’t know anything about kid’s psychology, but I wonder if there is a serious risk that some, or even many, of the kids traumatized by their separation from their parents in such a way, could later develop, in addition to some mental health problems, some behavioural issues, and show some tendencies to become delinquents, that in turn could bring some people to try to justify a claim that this a proof that “illegal” immigration brings (mostly) criminals into the US.
Just a thought…

I’m no expert on child abuse, but I think it’s just common sense that Trump’s sadistic policy of cruelty and child abuse at the border will create a population at high risk for abusive and criminal behavior. It’s a perfect illustration of how sin makes you stupid. Trump is creating the problems he claims he wants to fight and his base sadistic Christianist enemies of God love it.

What is worse, the Church’s witness against this sadism is now compromised by our bishops who have enabled their own child abusers and can now be hooted down by the Christianist morons and sadists who can now dismiss the Church’s teaching because of their betrayal.

We have to pray, live holy lives, and continue speaking out for the least of these, in whom Christ suffers and in whom he is present in a way inextricably linked to the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

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