Our Sister Shalimar Masters and her Family Need our Help

Our Sister Shalimar Masters and her Family Need our Help February 11, 2019

From the GoFundMe that has been set up to help them:

For those of you how know Shalimar, the first thing that you notice about her is her big beautiful smile.  However, behind that smile is a family that is struggling, has struggled for a long time, and continues to struggle.  She and her 11 children are in danger of losing their home because they cannot afford the mortgage.   She is trying to get back into nursing to help her family along now that the baby is old enough, but previous job losses have left their family in need.  Please help me to help this lovely family keep their home.  Homelessness is always hard, but homelessness with 11 children is unthinkable.  Anything you can give will help.  Let’s raise enough to get them through the next few months until her job gets going and she starts getting a paycheck to take care of her family.  They just need a little boost and I know we can help them get there.   I know she and her family will be praying in gratitude for each of you who help them stay in their house and get back on their feet.

I’ve know Shalimar for years.  This is legit.  Please help save this good Catholic family that is unfailingly kind, good, and generous to others.  Be the body of Christ for them as you guys are so often when people are in need.

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