Simcha Fisher Has a Great Idea

Simcha Fisher Has a Great Idea February 12, 2019

No matter how many times you make clear you are prolife, the the phony “prolife” Cult of Trump has no interest in that fact. Every time you question, not the prolife ethic, but the methods of the prolife movement or the Cult of Trump, they again subject you to the stupid scrutiny and the suspicious accusing questions. The other day, Simcha Fisher, mother of 10 and as gung ho a pro-life Catholic as you could ask for remarked on the Book of Face:

Prolifers: Look, we got you in office. Now you have to give us something.

Trump: okay. How about … nothing?

Prolifers: okay.

Trump: And I want to routinely dehumanize undesirable people.

Prolifers: Fine.

Trump: and I will do nothing to defund Planned parenthood.

Prolifers: also fine.

Trump: and I will gin up hysteria about overturning roe v wade, so the left will feel emboldened to push for unrestricted abortion.

Prolifers: sounds good.

Trump: I will literally cause babies to die when their desperate mothers legally seek asylum.

Prolifers: with ya, chief.

Trump: you know I’ve paid for abortions.

Prolifers: here is a check. God bless.

Immediately, a reader who knows perfectly well that Simcha is prolife responded:

Wait, Simcha Fisher, are you a pro-lifer?

Why ask such a preposterous and accusatory question of somebody who has lived out the prolife ethic better than 99% Catholics? Not because she said a word in support of abortion, of course, but because she dared to question the prostitution of the “prolife” movement to Trump.

The “prolife movement” in the Cult of Trump is not about the defense of the unborn. It is about the weaponization of the unborn against any Christian who dares to criticize its failed methods or its god king. It excommunicates you not for opposing the Church’s teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, but for supporting it whenever living out that teaching poses a threat to the Cult of Trump, which is constantly.

Happily, Simcha is doing a better job than I am pointing the way to constructively answer the disgusting spectacle of the “prolife” Cult of Trump by bearing witness to a Consistent Life Ethic as the Church calls us to do.  She talks about it here:

Immigrant Families Together.

Who do they help? They help innocent life made in the holy image of God. One example (a real person, whose name is protected for her privacy):

A seventeen-year-old girl in Guatemala who was sold to a gang leader. He raped her and got her pregnant, then beat her so badly, the baby died. Then she got pregnant again.

This time, she decided to get out. So she began to walk, with her innocent unborn child inside of her. She crossed a thousand miles to present herself and her unborn baby at a legal port of entry at the U.S. She broke no laws; she followed the protocol. She just wanted to live, and she wanted her baby to live.

But you know what happens when people present themselves at our borders. They are not cherished. They are not treated as if they are made in the holy image of God. They are caught up in our political wrangling, and they suffer, and their children suffer.

Families are still being separated as a matter of course; children are being thrust into foster care and lost track of permanently. Pregnant mothers are miscarrying while they languish in custody. Mothers who wanted life for their children are having their children taken away. They have not done anything immoral by looking for help. They simply want to live, and they want their children to live. Helping them find each other again and live together in peace is pro-life work.

Immigrant Families Together goes right to the people caught in that tangle and helps them in immediate, tangible ways. They are currently helping that Guatemalan woman through her complex legal process so she doesn’t lose another child.

The first woman they helped was Yeni Gonzalez Garcia, whose story is here.  Through the work of IFT, Gonzalez-Garcia has been reunited with her children.

She also supports the work of China Little Flower and talks about their good work here.


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