Our chance to do a work of mercy

Our chance to do a work of mercy November 25, 2019

A reader writes:

I am a little hesitant to ask you to use your bully pulpit, but I am feeling a little desperate. I have a friend who has metastatic cancer who is facing imminent homelessness. He just had reconstructive surgery after having his jaw removed and is currently in radiation treatment for a second cancer they discovered during the 20-hour surgery.

I’m trying to raise enough money for them to purchase a used mobile home and pay lot rent for the next few months. They can’t get an apartment because their credit is shot thanks to what amounts to medical bankruptcy.

Anyway, please consider sharing this with your readers.

Please, please, please help this family, especially as winter is closing in! Thank you guys so much for your consistent generosity when faced with such needs! It is insane that we living a wealthy country that forces people to choose between cancer and freezing to death with your family on the street.

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