April 20, 2020

MAGA Back to Work Zealot in Right Wing Media: “You politically correct liberals claim to care about the lives of people threatened by COVID, but you refuse to face the fact that the economic impact is, as our great President says, a cure that is worse than the disease. We have to get people back to work or they will run out of money! This isn’t about Mammon worship! Our president is far more concerned with the Little Guy than you limousine… Read more

April 18, 2020

You learn so much from the BBC: I feel as cultured as a petri dish! Read more

April 17, 2020

Had an interesting conversation some time back. Maybe somebody will find it useful. I wrote: I’m starting to suspect that the net effect of God’s dealing with me over the past 20 years has been to make me face the fact that the Faith–that is, He–is a mystery, not a body of doctrine and that, while apologetics is a perfectly legit way into Christ (as the law was for Paul), the attempt to reduce God to it is, like the… Read more

April 16, 2020

Sam pens a corker of a little essay on the selfish and childish demands for “freedom” surging through the MAGA subculture as it writhes under the constraints of having to think, for the first time in its self-absorbed life, about somebody else during a Pandemic: This past summer we took a family vacation to a trout lake in the Okanagan. Every evening, my kids and I went to gather firewood. Up here in Canada, there are not many snakes and… Read more

April 15, 2020

Right wing white American MAGA “prolife” zealots perpetually shout “but abortion” and brandish the unborn as human shields for the host of inhuman cruelties they defend. The Holy Father has their number, which is one of the reasons they piously spend their time doing what looks for all the world like hating the Holy Father’s living guts: We often hear it said that, with respect to relativism and the flaws of our present world, the situation of migrants, for example,… Read more

April 14, 2020

…not our sole access to God. It is vital to grasp this because there are those in the world telling us that if you cannot receive the sacraments then you are “cut off from grace”. So you hear people saying things like “The bishops are cutting us off from grace by denying us the sacraments at Easter!” One guy was even counseling some kid on Twitter than if her parents would not let her go to confession during the pandemic… Read more

April 13, 2020

about, say, war or poverty or racism or refugees or capital punishment or a living wage or gun violence or health care or the care of creation or a host of other issues, you can guarantee that a chorus will pipe up to say something like, “When is [Bergoglio/damn lib bishop X] going to speak up about abortion and not just tell trendy libs what they want to hear!” People who act like the entire world is perpetually on the… Read more

April 12, 2020

Moist with one drop of Thy blood, my dry soul Shall—though she now be in extreme degree Too stony hard, and yet too fleshly—be Freed by that drop, from being starved, hard or foul, And life by this death abled shall control Death, whom Thy death slew; nor shall to me Fear of first or last death bring misery, If in Thy life-book 1 my name thou enroll. Flesh in that long sleep is not putrified, But made that there,… Read more

April 11, 2020

Oh blessed body! Whither art thou thrown? No lodging for thee, but a cold hard stone? So many hearts on earth, and yet not one Receive thee? Sure there is room within our hearts good store; For they can lodge transgressions by the score: Thousands of toys dwell there, yet out of door They leave thee. But that which shows them large, shows them unfit. Whatever sin did this pure rock commit, Which holds thee now? Who hath indicted it… Read more

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