Review: Hekate: A Devotional

Review: Hekate: A Devotional May 30, 2017

Vivienne Moss’ Hekate: A Devotional is part grimoire, part poetry, part devotional and part spiritual diary. There are many published books on Hekate, most of them scholarly, academic or historical. This on the other hand is not that. The book is a time capsule containing mostly the relationship between Hekate and the author, a solitary hedge witch from Indiana. Sharing personal gnosis is a brave and vulnerable gift to the world, especially when it goes against what is established about a deity. Yet this book is not about fanciful reveries or made-up information, it is about the living spirit of Hekate in today’s age and much of it can be verified by the personal gnosis of other practitioners, even if it does not abide by history’s records.

Much of this book breaks the orthodoxy of the established history of Hekate, which is part of what I loved about this book. Humans often like to put things into nice and orderly boxes, including the gods themselves. However, if there’s one deity who defies dogma, orthodoxy and established rules it is most definitely Hekate. From fighting with the Olympians against her fellow Titans in the Titanomarchy to being the patron goddess of witches and outcast who defy conventional norms. She appears in extreme different forms and aspects throughout culture to culture and time period to time period. The vast spirit who is Hekate always challenges preconceived notions of who she is. She is not some relic of ancient history but rather a living spirit who shifts within history from Titan to Goddess to World Soul to Witch Queen.

I have found Hekate within this book, many of the experiences paralleling my own and many that were very different than mine. This includes many experiences that I have not read in any other book. While it is a small book at only 96 pages, the book itself is brim full of soul. It is completely evident to me as a devotee of Hekate that Vivienne is indeed in contact with Her. While an oddity amongst my other books on Hekate it is perhaps one of my favorites for this reason.

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