Review: The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows

Review: The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows November 25, 2021


The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows: Witchy Wisdom at your Fingertips by Deborah Blake is a great place to begin your journey as a witch and is an ideal companion for the seeker of the magickal path. It is an easy-to-follow guide that provides younger witches or those just starting to explore this path with simple but effective rituals and magickal workings by a witch who knows her witchery very well. Blake is well known for her friendly and approachable writing style, which creates a very welcoming atmosphere throughout all of her books, teaching in an easy-to-understand manner, this one included. The book offers a variety of invocations, magickal recipes, spells, and techniques for working with a variety of tools like candles, tarot cards, runes, and poppets. The book is well-organized and strikes the right balanced of information provided versus room to write or sketch as you advance in your skills and knowledge. The book is easy to follow, and the instructions are easy to understand, making it a fantastic introduction for the beginner. The book is also a great way to help those just beginning to explore their spirituality to build confidence and experience with their magick.

The book is a beautiful hardcover with full-color pages filled with artwork by the wonderfully talented Mickie Mueller, whose art style gives the book a charming, friendly, and magickal feeling throughout which compliments Blake’s writing style. There are several other “grimoires” and “book of shadows” on the market in this vein aimed at the newer witch, most of them full of information that is questionable at the least. So if you’re eyeing books like these, The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows is the book that I would recommend above all the others in this category, purely for the level of reliable and factual information from an experienced witch such as Blake. Despite being aimed at those who might be newer on their path, the book is comprehensive in regards to the different areas of a witchcraft practice that it covers, helping the owner have all the necessary skills needed to comfortably jump-start their magick. This book would make a fantastic gift for someone completely new to the Craft, younger practitioners, witches who love beautiful books, or those who want to use this as a jumping point to learn how to create their own Book of Shadows.

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