Review: The Witch’s Path

Review: The Witch’s Path October 28, 2021

I really enjoyed Thorn Mooney’s first book Traditional Wicca, but I absolutely love The Witch’s Path: Advancing Your Craft at Every Level. Mooney has such a friendly, approachable, relatable, and charming writing style, which I greatly admire. While seekers and beginners can enjoy this book and get a lot out of it, I feel it’s ideally more suitable for someone already on the path of witchcraft that has found themselves in a rut or overwhelmed with difficulties within the witchcraft and pagan community. Anyone who has been practicing witchcraft for years with seriousness is bound to find themselves feeling uninspired, burned out, and unconnected from their Craft at some point on the path. With complete transparency, Mooney shares her struggles with this and, more importantly, provides insight into how she overcame it in hopes that you can too, when you are up against these roadblocks.

Regardless of whether you view your Craft as spirituality or religion, The Witch’s Path shows that there is indeed depth to the Craft. To discover these answers, Mooney shows that this depth and “advanced” witchcraft is there if we are earnestly looking for it. She encourages us to approach this path with reverence regardless of if we relate to it as a religion or spirituality, not treat it as something to dabble in with the sole intent of self-service or as an aesthetic to serve our egos while also suggesting we keep it in balance with not overextending ourselves to others to our own detriment. This book is inspiring, honest, and level-headed while remaining supportive, understanding, and urging the reader to discover their own answers without ever being condescending.

The Witch’s Path isn’t a book of just spells and rituals. This is a book about reigniting the spark, passion, enthusiasm, connection, and awe of a witch’s Craft – which is much more crucial if we are going to have our magick and spellcasting be effective and treat this as our spiritual life path. You aren’t necessarily getting training on “how to be a witch” or “how to cast spells.” What you are getting is something much more valuable, the wisdom of years of experience of a sincere practitioner within the Craft regarding some of the most difficult challenges the witch is bound to confront, which is rarely if ever discussed in other books. I don’t see eye to eye with every witchcraft book, though I can appreciate and find stuff that I can resonate with inside almost all of them. That being said, I’m amazed by how similar Mooney’s perspectives on most topics within the book are to my own, which I feel can often be rare for me. This book is definitely a great addition to my library, and I’m sure it’s one I will come back to re-read periodically.


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