Review: Tarot For Kids

Review: Tarot For Kids November 28, 2021
Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed
If you use tarot, you most likely don’t need an introduction into who Theresa Reed is or her fantastic contributions to the tarot and alternative spirituality communities. Her latest release, Tarot for Kids deck, is as brilliant as it is adorable. Many of the cards were modified in this deck from their original darker forms to be more kid-friendly, but Theresa doesn’t lose sight of the symbolism itself. Examples include two of my favorite cards: The Lovers is The Best Friends and The Devil is The Bully. The Bully card has two goats ramming their heads against each other. The diversity of the figures in the deck is also impressive—definitely one of the more diverse decks I’ve seen. I couldn’t stop going “awww” as we went through it, and I legit felt a good warm feeling as I went through it, which is exactly what I would want in a deck for kids.


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Tarot For Kids by Theresa Reed is a perfect starter book and deck for kids interested in tarot. Reed writes engagingly and clearly, which will be accessible to children, and the book includes a description of the card meaning that is concise and simple to understand. The cards themselves are simple and colorful, and the book includes a range of topics that will provide kids with ways to think about and discuss the cards, such as what it means to be a good friend, how to deal with conflict, and how to make connections with others. This would also make a fantastic tool for children to begin connecting with their own emotions and experiences, reflect upon them, and vocalize their emotions and thoughts more clearly.

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