Review: True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Review: True Heart Intuitive Tarot September 30, 2020

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While everyone is watching and discussing the new trailer for The Craft: Legacy, there’s more The Craft, related news. Rachel True, the actress who played Rochelle in the original 90’s movie The Craft is about to release her True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck. Aside from The Craft, I’m sure you may know her as Mona in the TV show Half & Half, Mary Jane in the Dave Chapelle movie Half Baked, and other great roles since the 90s. (I’m also looking forward to her playing Sister Ruth in the upcoming horror flick, Agnes). However, if you’re following my work or Patheos Pagan, I’m sure you most likely know her from The Craft, as I do.

Rachel True reveals how tarot can be used as a tool for self-reflection, guidance, and self-empowerment in the True Heart Intuitive Tarot. True’s tone feels like that cool insightful close friend sharing the ins-and-outs of tarot basics, in an approachable, easy-to-follow, and affable fashion. Authentic to Rachel’s character, the True Heart Intuitive Tarot is high vibe while still keeping it real. Rachel understands that life isn’t always upbeat and fluffy, but that tarot can be used to help navigate difficulties and confusion. 

The real gem of the True Heart Intuitive Tarot is the 22 memoir essays attached to the Major Arcana, where she shares how the tarot has helped her throughout her life and career, in turn helping you to gain another layer of understanding through tarot’s practical applications. I know from first-hand experience that Rachel True is the real deal when it comes to reading the tarot. Braiding together the insight and wisdom which comes from decades of experience, trustworthy methods, traditional meanings, Jungian perspectives, and some real-world groundedness, the True Heart Intuitive Tarot is sure to hold a special place in your own heart as Rachel shares the tools to discover your own truth.


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One of the things I love about this deck is not only it’s staying true to classic Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism and meaning, but in how it creatively approaches that symbolism. I also love the diversity of the True Heart Intuitive Tarot that True included in the deck with artist Stephanie Singleton. You’re bound to find every skin tone throughout the deck (including shadow-like people who seem to be devoid of any ethnicity or culture). You’ll also find male, female, and non-binary looking figures throughout this deck. However, it does this effortlessly without feeling forced or disingenuous, and one of the things that I appreciate about this diversity is that it’s randomized throughout the deck, unlike some other mainstream decks that “try” to be inclusive yet have all the cultures and ethnicities segregated by suits – which has always made me feel too uncomfortable to work with those decks. There are far too few decks that feel as authentically diverse as the True Heart Intuitive Tarot on the market. Another amazing aspect is the “tone” of the deck. It’s neither too light-hearted and positive, nor too dark and spooky. Instead, it maintains the traditional spectrum of emotions and experiences that the tarot is meant to have, and I feel the art of this deck may even capture that better than the Rider Waite Smith.

Interview with the True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck 

A card reading with the deck, asking it questions about itself.

  • Card One: What is your greatest strength as a deck?

Judgement: This deck is fantastic for bringing clarity and healing to things we may not be paying attention to that are important for our own personal transformation and spiritual progress. The deck is great for finding closure and for confronting and addressing things within our shadows that are holding us back through our denial. The deck will assist in helping you to “clear the slate” and write your own future life narrative by moving forward and allowing you to reap the results that you desire through introspective and thoughtful action. This card also signifies to me that this will be many people’s first deck and help them start a new chapter of their spiritual journey. 

  • Card Two: What tone of voice do your readings have?

King of Swords: This deck has an analytical maturity to it that is applied in a manner that cultivates wisdom. The King of Swords indicates that the deck will remain neutral and impartial as it provides insights into your situations with sharp clarity. The deck will “cut to the chase” and will help you to perform readings without any confusion or uncertainty. Being a King of Swords, indicates that the deck isn’t just about accumulating knowledge, or overthinking things, or rushing to conclusions – but rather it’s about the strategic application of that knowledge accumulated which turns into action (Kings being “active” in nature). It doesn’t just tell you you need to know, it offers solutions to how you should proceed, if you choose, in a manner that is for the highest good and causing the path of least harm for yourself and others. 

  • Card Three: What makes you unique as a deck?

8 of Swords: This is a card of introspection, but one without judgement. The deck isn’t fatalistic, but rather presents clear choices and shows us our options so that we can choose how we wish to move foreword. The eight of swords is often a card of self-imposed imprisonment with the figure believing that they’re trapped in a situation that feels helpless. This card suggests that the deck’s introspective and analytical nature will help us to realize how we’re getting in our own way, what’s holding us back in life, and provide the confidence that we need to step into our own power. This card is also a card of initiation, being reminiscent of initiatory rites of being bound and blindfolded; symbolic of realizing that the big answers and the big truths are inside – you merely just need to look inward and listen to your intuition to find your power.

  • Card Four: What type of readings are you best suited for?

Temperance: This card concludes what I was saying in my review. It’s the perfect equilibrium between right and left brain, heart and mind, intuition, and logic – but done so in a holistic manner. It will assist you in dipping your toes into emotional and spiritual waters while keeping one foot firmly on the ground. This deck can assist you to find harmony in your personal life, your inner world, and help you to keep a balanced perspective to approach life in a manner devoid of imbalance, recklessness, or self-indulgence. 

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