Review: The Witch’s Book of Spirits

Review: The Witch’s Book of Spirits July 8, 2017

The relationship between spirits and the witch is perhaps the oldest covenant in history. With The Witch’s Book of Secrets, Devin Hunter brings back the focus of the spirit world into modern witchcraft. Marrying mediumship, astral projection, conjuration, psychic ability and magick into a beautiful polyamory of witchcraft, Devin Hunter outdoes himself with this book. In fact I loved it even more than his wildly popular debut book The Witch’s Book of Power.

In this book, Hecate takes center stage as your ally and keybearer to the spirit world. The book provides Nine Keys of Hecate for the purposes of working with and ensuring that you are in control of your relationship with the spirit world. I was actually shocked that Llewellyn who had a reputation from the 90s of being “fluffy bunny” by others would even publish this. The book is much more in the vein of Paul Huson or Andrew Chumbley’s work than anything Llewellyn has ever published, though still entirely unique from those works. But Llewellyn is definitely changing for the better in the last few years and Devin Hunter is a key example of that.

Devin masterfully takes you on a tour of spirits of various forms through the eyes of the witch – spirit guides, familiars, angels, the dead, the faeries, nephilim and demons. Along with a spirits that are very much modern folk saints for witches – familiars of witches from the past. This book provides some of the core teachings of the “indigo flame” level of his witchcraft tradition Sacred Fires. In this book you will learn how to tap into your mediumship abilities, conjure the crossroads and the Witches’ Tree, partner with Hecate, fly through the astral realms and create powerful relationships with spirits to enhance your magick and thereby your life.

Devin also introduces the reader to a priesthood of sprits called the VEXNA-KARI. Almost every single time I have worked with the VEXNA-KARI it has created a light thunderstorm creating a very dramatic effect. This book is not something you should read only once and set aside. I have already read this book about six times and I gain something new from it every time I read it. Full of sigils, graphs, invocations, spirit profiles, recipes and exercises – it’s hard to say that this book isn’t a grimoire. I highly recommend this book and encourage anyone who wants to take their magick or relationship with the spirit world to the next level to buy this book.

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