Thirteen Quick Ways to Cleanse Energy

Thirteen Quick Ways to Cleanse Energy September 12, 2017

Cleansing the energy and maintaining proper psychic hygiene of yourself and your space is crucial and something that I commonly find underrated in people’s personal practices. Here are some quick ways to cleanse your energy and the energy of spaces quickly. With all methods visualization and willpower are key components to empowering the cleansing along with formal or informal prayers, affirmations or chants.

Image Credit: Hisu lee | CC0 License
Image Credit: Hisu lee | CC0 License
  • Psychic Flush – Similar to the practices that Laurie Cabot teaches called “Total Health Clearance” and Christopher Penczak calls “Clearance and Balance”, you are essentially creating a flow of energy from your palm chakras like a waterfall and bringing that energy from the back of your neck, over your head and down your chakras and out – visualizing that you are flushing the energy out with a statement such as “I clear myself of any energy that I’ve taken on and am in total balance”.


  • Salt Baths – Salt neutralizes energy both “positive” and “negative” and essentially creates a clear energetic slate. Many magickal practictioners take regular salt baths to cleanse and neutralize their energy field before engaging in magick. Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt are used in these baths.


  • Showers – A simple energetic practice is to take a shower and ground and center, then visualize the water washing away any debris, blockages or foreign energy from your field and visualizing it going down the drain.


  • Florida Water & Kananga Water – These originate from Hoodoo and other folk magick practices of the Americas. Two colognes created with a special blend of healing, cleansing, shielding and spiritual enhancing essential oils. These colognes can be commercially bought or (preferably) created on your own or bought from a conjurer who creates them. They can be added to baths, worn as a cologne or rubbed on your hands before sweeping your aura.


  • Kala Rite – Originating from Huna Shamanism and adopted and popularized by the Feri/Faery Tradition, in this practice you are essentially taking all of your negative emotions and thoughts stored within your fetch and placing it into water, where you transmute it and drink it for healing.


  • Cascarilla Powder – Originating from diaspora traditions like hoodoo, voodoo and santeria, cascarilla powder is egg shells that have been ground into an extremely fine powder and blessed. Cascarilla can be added to a bath or turned into chalk to draw sigils, circles and veves. It is thought to repel ghosts and negative spirits, so is sometimes sprinkled around a house or at doorways. Powdering your hands and performing the sign of the cross with a prayer is thought to repel psychic vampires and negative energies.


  • Smoke Cleansing – Smoke cleansing is the burning of plants and resins for the purposes of cleansing and purification. These practices range from Native American traditions to ancient Greek, Celtic and Babylonian traditions. To smoke cleanse simply ground and center, say a simple prayer to the spirit of the plant using it’s common name and scientific name (for example “Spirit of White Sage, Salvia Apiana, I ask for your assistance in clearing and cleansing this space. I honor your spirit and I thank you for your help.”) and a simple prayer to the Divine (for example “I ask the Goddess and God to charge this bundle of white sage and assist in clearing the energy of this space.”) and then light your bundle and use it to smoke cleanse your space.


  • Banishing Pentagrams – Using the banishing pentagram of the earth is great for protection and the removal of lesser astral disturbances. Isreal Regardie taught that “The banishing pentagram of earth will also serve thee for a protection if thou trace it in the air between thee and any opposing astral force.” For the more adept practitioner, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams or practices similar to it are fantastic banishing and cleansings.


  • Sound – Using sound can clear the energy of a space. Sound helps to break up stagnant energy and raises the vibration of an area helping to keep energy that isn’t in resonance with the vibration to leave. The most popular use of sound for energy cleansing is the use of singing bowls.


  • Sunlight & Wind – An energy cleansing statement that I grew up with is that “sunlight is the best disinfectant” when it came to clearing a space or removing stuck energies. Ensure that your area you’re cleansing gets enough sunlight will enhance any room cleansing. The same goes for allowing wind to flow through a room through an open window or door.


  • Connecting with Nature – Just as sunlight and wind can help cleanse the energy of a space, spending time connecting with nature can help ground and cleanse a person. This can be as simple as working in the garden, walking through a forest or park with mindfulness, or meditating outside. We are creatures of nature herself and reconnecting with her helps reset us to our natural energetic states.


  • Cleaning – In the fantastic book A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing, David Salisbury places an emphasis on actually cleaning the physical space you are in. Think about it, before any ritual work the space is always physically and energetically cleansed before the working. That’s because the two work hand-in-hand. Decluttering a space will greatly improve the energy of an area.


  • Sweeping – Sweeping an energy is a method a lot of witches like to use. A special broom in witchcraft called the besom is used to clean an area’s energy, though you can also use your mundane broom. What I do is I physically sweep the area clean, then I use my besom above the ground to “sweep out” energy that I don’t want in the area starting at the center and working outwards in a counter-clockwise spiral

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