Review: Sigil Witchery

Review: Sigil Witchery December 15, 2017

Few people possess a special type of magick flowing from them like the Midas Touch, turning everything that they do into absolute gold. Laura Tempest Zakroff is one of those people. Whether it’s dance, writing, teaching, art, or combining them; Tempest is a force of nature just as her name suggests. Her newest book, Sigil Witchery is a prime example.

Full of original art, sigils, massive research, a clear writing and teaching style, this is definitely the best book on the subject of sigils that has ever been written, hands-down. This book isn’t just a showcase of historical sigil methods or rehashed information. Tempest brings new creative ideas to the table while placing a focus on directly interacting with the book’s material to make sigil magick your very own personalized form of witchery.

Tempest’s discussion on the history of sigils explores areas such as graffiti, tattoos, veves, ancient hieroglyphs, the Keys of Solomon, chaos magick, and more. She shares her formulas and thoughts for sigil creation which varies greatly than the more common number / planetary squares or chaos magick methods. “Instead”, she writes, “you’re going to learn a process that I believe is more intuitive and fluid for right-brain thinkers, and very much grounded in Modern Traditional Witchcraft. How so? It is a fairly new and unique method for creating sigils, yet it pulls from basic skills our ancestors used to communicate prior to the advent of complex language. It can also be applied to a variety of metaphysical techniques, spellcraft approaches, and spiritual paths. Regardless of how artistic you may or may not consider yourself, this kind of sigil witchery is accessible to a wide variety of abilities and experiences.”

In full artist mentality, Tempest also provides plenty of room in the book itself for you to take notes and experiment with sigil creation right in the book itself. The book is pretty dang great, but I really didn’t expect anything less from Tempest. Sigil Witchery is one of those books that I think magickal practitioners of any path or tradition can learn some new techniques from to add to their craft.

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