Review: Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween

Review: Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween October 4, 2018

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween by Mickie Mueller, but decided to check it out to get into the holiday spirit. Something I particularly enjoyed was the focus on Halloween itself in its modern form and how Mickie incorporates that back into a witch’s Samhain practice. She invokes the fun of our modern secularized Halloween that we grew up with back into the sacred period of the Pagan Samhain, including the spooky and sometimes scary aspects of the celebration that are sometimes swept under the rug in modern Samhain practices. She writes that “Witches know that fully experiencing our emotions can give us power and increase our magic. In this way, fear can be a powerful tool.”

The book opens by going over the history and evolution of Halloween and I learned a few things about it myself that I didn’t know. There are over 33 exercises and 11 tips throughout the pages. While the book covers things you’d expect to see in a book written about Samhain from a witch such as spells and divination practices, folklore and customs, it also includes a lot of clever celebration, decoration ideas, and recipes. The divination practices range from tea leaf readings to ouija boards to hosting seances. Mickie has an entertaining writing style and I found the book an endearing quick read which definitely got me into the Halloween/Samhain spirit.


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