Great American Catholic History Resource for Teachers

Great American Catholic History Resource for Teachers December 18, 2008

The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., has an Archives that is one of the best resources for any student of American Catholic History. The Archives has recently created an online resource for teachers to use in the classroom. They sum it up rather nicely in their website:

The American Catholic History Classroom is a continuously-updated primary document site featuring a range of materials related to the American Catholic experience. Aimed at both educators and researchers, the Classroom currently has six fully-developed websites on a range of topics that can be fit into existing curricula. Each site features between 20 and 40 primary documents and photographs, background information sections written by educators and historians, chronologies that help educators and students make sense of the materials in historical context, “So What?” sections suggesting broader issues related to using the site materials in the classroom, and topical reading lists for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on each topic.

We American Catholics don’t know enough about our own history, but the resources offered by CUA’s Archives offer a way to remedy that, both for us and our students.

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