Danceable Homiletics #2: "Don't Stand Up For Jesus" (featuring Jonathan Martin)

Danceable Homiletics #2: "Don't Stand Up For Jesus" (featuring Jonathan Martin) January 28, 2013

All right here’s the second one. I just kind of got in the zone tonight. This is from Jonathan Martin’s sermon “Don’t Stand Up For Jesus” which he preached at the height of the Chik-Fil-A drama last summer. Jonathan’s point is that we should stand with Jesus as He stands up for sinners against the people who want to stone them. So here it is:

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  • LuAnn Hoxeng

    I would love to hear all of this, but sorry, I can’t handle the music in the background. I was upset by the “stand” and I haven’t heard anyone preach that we should stand with Jesus with those who are hurting. Thank you for speaking up!

    • Morgan Guyton

      Check out the un-dance-ified version at It’s in July or August or so in the podcast.

      • LuAnn Hoxeng

        Hey thanks Morgan. I just listened to the sermon- music free!

        I come from a different denomination but have arrived at the same conclusions. I was taught to argue my point or “make a defense for the hope that is in me”. But God has brought me to a place where I rarely find that works well, although it can be fun, but it’s at others expense. So, in reality, it’s really not that fun.

        Many American Christians have been hijacked into believing standing up for Jesus against non Christian values is good without taking into account the deep needs of people involved in those activities. At one time, I was one of the hijacked. But God has wooed me into seeing people need to be loved not condemned. I am grateful He opened my eyes.

        • Morgan Guyton

          Awesome Luann. Many of us have been un-hijacked recently.

  • carlsan

    I find the music annoying and totally unnecessary. There doesn’t seem to be any good reason for it.

    • MorganGuyton

      You know, it’s an experiment. Definitely not for everyone. Hipsters usually don’t like anything I do.