Pentecost: God’s rebellion (#sermon #podcast)

Pentecost: God’s rebellion (#sermon #podcast) June 11, 2014

This past Sunday, I preached about the way that Pentecost represents God’s rebellion against his people’s expectations, which I also blogged about earlier in the week. The miraculous sign of speaking in tongues in Acts 2 ends up becoming the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work among the Gentiles in Acts 10 which ultimately allows for Gentiles to be incorporated into the body of Christ without first becoming Jews in Acts 15. There are three things we see about God’s rebellion against the religious insiders in the Acts 2 text about Pentecost: 1) It is easily ridiculed. 2) It comes from the bottom, not the top. 3) It has the goal of reconciling all people. Audio for the sermon below. Please sign up for the podcast!

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