Wild Goose interviews: #1 Alicia Crosby

Wild Goose interviews: #1 Alicia Crosby July 18, 2016

alicia crosby

While I was at the Wild Goose Festival two weekends ago, I interviewed five people for our podcast Crackers and Grape Juice. I started with Alicia Crosby, the co-founder and co-director of the Center for Inclusivity in Chicago. In our interview, she talked a lot about expanding the concept of church. She makes the point that while Jesus spent some time in the temple, most of where he did church was in people’s houses and on the streets. Alicia and Morgan also discussed what holiness looks like for an inclusive Christian and how the church should be responding to police violence against black people. Alicia and I will be part of a panel discussion in Chicago on Tuesday, July 26th talking about how to detoxify Christianity. Click below to listen to the interview. Also please visit the Center for Inclusivity to support their work.

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