Brandan Robertson’s rich nomadic spirituality

Brandan Robertson’s rich nomadic spirituality July 28, 2016


I’ve gotten way behind in sharing my Wild Goose interviews on the Crackers and Grape Juice podcast. If you haven’t heard of Brandan Robertson, you need to hear this interview and get his new book Nomad. Brandan grew up in very difficult circumstances in a trailer park with an abusive alcoholic father. He got saved by a fundamentalist church at age 12. He was street preaching at the Baltimore inner harbor by age 13. His exposure to Mark Driscoll saved him from fundamentalism at age 16 (yes, I did a double-take too!). He had a picture of John Piper above his bed at Moody Bible College his freshman year, where he was almost kicked out for interviewing Brian McLaren on his radio show called the Bridge. Brandan’s publishing contract for Nomad was rescinded by his publisher when he came out as queer last year. Thankfully a British publisher picked it up. Despite Brandan’s tumultuous journey, he has one of the gentlest spirits I have ever encountered. Please listen! You will be richly blessed.

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