Bec Cranford: tattooed Pentecostal wonder-woman

Bec Cranford: tattooed Pentecostal wonder-woman July 29, 2016

bec cranford

I’m continuing to play catch up on my Wild Goose interviews for Crackers and Grape Juice. The fourth interview was with one of my best friends Bec Cranford. Bec really embodies the spirit of Wild Goose, which is to say she’s a wild, heavily tattooed Pentecostal wonder-woman. Bec has been through a lot of heavy stuff in life and it’s made her into an incredibly empathetic and authentic person. She is the volunteer director at the Gateway Center for homeless people in downtown Atlanta. Bec believes that her duty is to behold the divine in every other person. Our interview was going pretty smoothly until she started speaking in tongues…

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