My conversation with Queer Virtue’s Liz Edman

My conversation with Queer Virtue’s Liz Edman August 13, 2016

Today was the big day. I got to have a public conversation with Liz Edman, the author of Queer Virtue, at Riverdale Presbyterian Church. We made a super low-fi video recording with the pastor’s iPad and uploaded it to Facebook Live on my profile. So if you’d like to take a look, two embedded videos are below. Unfortunately the second video cuts out after 35 minutes.

This first video is both of us introducing the basic concepts of our books.

This second video of our dialogue cut out after 35 minutes, but it covered our sections talking about scripture and sin.

I know these videos are super low-fi, but if they pique your interest, Liz and I are talking about making our conversation into a thing that we go other places and do together. So if your church would like to fly us out to where you are, we’d love to talk about it. I’m not super available during the school year, but if you’re interested, we could maybe figure something out. Thanks for watching!

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